Thursday, January 7, 2010

Michael Schumacher, The Champion of The Champions

It has been very long since I have written in my own blog. This was supposed to be more like an online journal to write about many different experiences I have had for the first time. Now I will write about something completely off the topic. It is about Formula 1. It is more about Michael Schumacher than F1 really.

There are not many people around the world who haven’t heard of the name Michael Schumacher. Why? Because Schumacher is the most successful name of a very high tech competitive sport called Formula One. F1 is known as an entertainment business & it is indeed the biggest entertainment business on planet. The revenue earned from this sport is more than any other sport. The technology used in F1 is quite extraordinary in its own way. Anyway, Michael Schumacher won record 7 world championship, 91 grand prix races in his career up to date. The stats are so much higher than any else in the history of the sport that we might not see his record broken in a lifetime. He is the first sporting superstar I grew up admiring.
There are numerous controversies Schumacher has been involved with throughout his career. People still talk about his move on track against Damon Hill in 2004 Adelaide, Australian grand prix along with 1997 incident with Jack Villeneuve and Monaco incident in 2006. Regardless of what really happened in all of those circumstances Schumacher has brought a unique character into the sport apart from being the fastest driver in just about every circuit he ever raced in. I guess I am really wasting my time talking about his stats because we all know about those and very easy to find them on the net. But in my mind what makes him the best of the best is his incredible leadership skill, ability to deal with the critical political situation of F1, taking superb split second decision and really giving it all in each and every race. He is a great family oriented person as well. He always finds time for his family and children even with such high demand of busy lifestyle in F1. Most people think that Tiger Woods is the first sporting billionaire in the world. It is actually Michael Schumacher. However, he is a very charitable person as well. He is an ambassador for United Nation to promote road safety. He also gave $10US mill to the victims of Tsunami from his own pocket. There are a lot of people in the world with big pocket like him. But there aren’t many with a big heart like him. He also saved a soccer club in his home town in Germany from bankruptcy. Sometimes I wish he could chuck couple of mills to change my life because I am such a big Fan (LOL, just joking. I’m happy with earning $20AU per hour). So, Michael Schumacher is a champion in more than one ways in my mind. He retired after becoming 2nd at the end of 2006 season. It was strange because he was still at the pick of his driving ability.

Now in 2010 he returns with Mercedes GP with his old friend and technical director Ross Brawn. As he worked with Ferrari since 1996 and took the Italian team to immortality in terms of success it is unusual for me to even think about Michael Schumacher wearing anything rather than Ferrari colour. But it has happened!!! Over the last 2/3 years F1 has been through its worst time in recent memories. The return of a great champion like him at the age of 41 is really great news for the sport. It really doesn’t matter to me if he wins the championship or not this season. I’ve got my passion back for the sport because of his return. I already cannot wait for the first testing to go under way in early Feb. In conclusion, this post is just a simple post to say “welcome back Schumi”.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Friendship Means So Much!!!! Part 1

Just about an hour ago I got off the phone with one of my best friend Called Zakir. Him &I basically grew up together. It’s the first time in 7 years I have contacted him. He is 26 as well, virgo boy. Born is September the 3rd. What an amazing feeling it was speaking to him for the frist time in 7 years!!! Words really can’t explain how much it meant to me. We were such close friends that we never ever thought we’d be living so far away from each other. He still lives in Bangladesh. I can’t believe that he got married a couple of years ago. What the hell!!! So I thought I will write about friendship today. Particularly about my friendship with Zakir. I 1st met him in one of the best schools in Bangladesh. He was always a great student. At that time I wasn’t too bad either. We connected right away. I was in grade 6 only at that time. Both of our families were kind of crazy about politics. Our house was very close to the school. So most of the time Zakir used to go home with me during lunch breaks. He was like another son to my parents. I was the same to his family. We used to talk about girls, sports, politics and other stuff all the time. We used to play small table tennis tournaments among the good students of the class...hah ha ha. Only the good students were allowed to play in the tournament or even be our friends really. Funny isn’t it??? Our school guards meant to shut all the doors after the school. We had nowhere else to play table tennis except the classroom or the school hall. So we came up with an idea to trick the guard. There were hundreds of doors to check. We kept eye on him how he really does lock everything down. Mind you there were no alarm systems in the school. I don’t know if there is still any or not. Anyway, we kept eye on him & decided to make a couple of random doors to make it look like it’s closed so that we could open when there was nobody around. And that’s how we used to run our tournaments. Zakir and I even used to hate the same people. I’d still do anything for him & I’m sure he will do the same. He is married now!!! What the hell!!! I still clearly remember lots of great memories with him. I wish I could reverse the clock & have those great moments with Zakir and all the great friends again. Just for those memories I’d love to start my life all over again. Zakir, truly is the FIRST great friend. We should all cherish true friendships.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Herminie, The First Cat

We just got a new pet. It’s a lovely little grey coloured tabby. We named her Zalia. It’s amazing how quickly she captured our heart!!!!! These are her pictures. Isn’t she fantastic? Anyway, I thought I’d write about my first cat today. Her name was Herminie. I bought her a few years back while I was with my then partner. She turned out to be the worst partner I have ever had by the way. Anyway, my little Herminie was a white and grey tabby. Before getting Herminie I always stayed away from cats because of my bad allergy. It is still bad, but I love having cats around me. Herminie was the gentlest pet I have ever come across in my life. She would never even scratch anything. So, all my furniture was intact. The most interesting character she had was to playing fetch. I’d make a little paper balls and throw it on the other side of the room. Herminie would run to the paper ball, grab it in her mouth and bring it back to me. She would do that until she is completely worn out. She would also put that paper ball in my shoe & wait for me to throw it again. It was amazing. She was then my little angel. I treated her like a queen. She wouldn’t eat anything unless it was her brand of food, Whiskas soft kitten food. She would also travel in the car with me for hours. She would just sit on my lap in the car. She also used to have a bath once a week, amazing!!!!! She really did take a big part of my heart. One day late at night I was laying on my couch & my ex stormed into the house & took her away from me. I didn’t even fight for her. For me ending the relationship and not going through the hustle of fighting for Herminie was much easier. I hate hustles. My ex moved to USA shortly after as far as I know. I don’t know where Herminie is now or what she is doing. I always wondered where she sleeps at night being that my chest was the place for her to sleep. I wonder if she gets Whiskas anymore or not. I wonder who baths her or who plays fetch with her. I’ve got a little ‘Zalia’ now. Stace, my fiancĂ©e named her. The funny thing is most of the time Stace end up calling her ‘Zara’. Hah ha ha...but yeah, I still miss my little Herminie. It has been 3or 4 years since I had my last memory with Herminie, but I am sure if I ever see her again she will recognise me.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

F1, The First Colour

This is about the experiencing everything for the first time. Like first time getting into a car to learn how to drive, first date, first holiday and whatever we do for the first time. Right now only thing I can think of is the first time watching formula 1 on TV & not knowing what on earth is going on. We had a little black and white television at home. At that time I didn’t even know what cable or colour TV is. Every single stupid thing that annoys the hell out of us now used to amuse us. I was born in 1983. So 1991 makes me only 8 year old when I first watched Formula 1 race at a rich relative’s house. Everybody knows its sport where money controls the progress of a talent as a racer until the driver is sponsored. Most of the current F1 drivers started at the age of 6/7 to become a F1 driver. Most of them don’t end up getting a drive in F1 car in their entire career. So they end up going to nascar, indy car and other categories of motor sport. Anyway, I wasn’t born in a rich family so i have become just a fan. I remember watching Ayrton Senna wining the world championship from Nigel Mansell. That was my start and now I am so passionate about this sport that i wish i could be involved with formula 1 somehow as a career. But even to get you involved with F1 in any possible way is a matter of great resources, talent, education and of course money. Its the end of 2009 and i enjoyed the F1 the least amount because of all the politics and changes that F1 went through. Intentionally i would never miss a F1 race or qualifying. When one season is finished i crave f1 until the following season arrives. So i am really looking forward to the 2010 season. With the drivers’ shuffle and aerodynamics changes it promises to be an exciting season. Its incredible that we don’t need a cable TV anymore to watch nice colourful F1 races in widescreen plasma or lcd. It makes me think that yeah the world has changed for better than worse. But my first time F1 memory is always special because it was the first thing i watched in a colour TV!!!!!