Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Herminie, The First Cat

We just got a new pet. It’s a lovely little grey coloured tabby. We named her Zalia. It’s amazing how quickly she captured our heart!!!!! These are her pictures. Isn’t she fantastic? Anyway, I thought I’d write about my first cat today. Her name was Herminie. I bought her a few years back while I was with my then partner. She turned out to be the worst partner I have ever had by the way. Anyway, my little Herminie was a white and grey tabby. Before getting Herminie I always stayed away from cats because of my bad allergy. It is still bad, but I love having cats around me. Herminie was the gentlest pet I have ever come across in my life. She would never even scratch anything. So, all my furniture was intact. The most interesting character she had was to playing fetch. I’d make a little paper balls and throw it on the other side of the room. Herminie would run to the paper ball, grab it in her mouth and bring it back to me. She would do that until she is completely worn out. She would also put that paper ball in my shoe & wait for me to throw it again. It was amazing. She was then my little angel. I treated her like a queen. She wouldn’t eat anything unless it was her brand of food, Whiskas soft kitten food. She would also travel in the car with me for hours. She would just sit on my lap in the car. She also used to have a bath once a week, amazing!!!!! She really did take a big part of my heart. One day late at night I was laying on my couch & my ex stormed into the house & took her away from me. I didn’t even fight for her. For me ending the relationship and not going through the hustle of fighting for Herminie was much easier. I hate hustles. My ex moved to USA shortly after as far as I know. I don’t know where Herminie is now or what she is doing. I always wondered where she sleeps at night being that my chest was the place for her to sleep. I wonder if she gets Whiskas anymore or not. I wonder who baths her or who plays fetch with her. I’ve got a little ‘Zalia’ now. Stace, my fiancée named her. The funny thing is most of the time Stace end up calling her ‘Zara’. Hah ha ha...but yeah, I still miss my little Herminie. It has been 3or 4 years since I had my last memory with Herminie, but I am sure if I ever see her again she will recognise me.

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Anonymous said...

It was nice to see your smiling face after so long. You need to remember you bought the cat for me because I was missing mine from the US. That was why I took her she is still with me and will be forever. I am glad that you are doing so well and I hope that everything turns out for you the way you want it. I never tried to be the worst partner you ever had as I am sure you never meant to be the worst partner I had had. I think that the pressures on the both of us along with the drinking and your gambling did not help the situation. Take care