Sunday, December 6, 2009

Friendship Means So Much!!!! Part 1

Just about an hour ago I got off the phone with one of my best friend Called Zakir. Him &I basically grew up together. It’s the first time in 7 years I have contacted him. He is 26 as well, virgo boy. Born is September the 3rd. What an amazing feeling it was speaking to him for the frist time in 7 years!!! Words really can’t explain how much it meant to me. We were such close friends that we never ever thought we’d be living so far away from each other. He still lives in Bangladesh. I can’t believe that he got married a couple of years ago. What the hell!!! So I thought I will write about friendship today. Particularly about my friendship with Zakir. I 1st met him in one of the best schools in Bangladesh. He was always a great student. At that time I wasn’t too bad either. We connected right away. I was in grade 6 only at that time. Both of our families were kind of crazy about politics. Our house was very close to the school. So most of the time Zakir used to go home with me during lunch breaks. He was like another son to my parents. I was the same to his family. We used to talk about girls, sports, politics and other stuff all the time. We used to play small table tennis tournaments among the good students of the class...hah ha ha. Only the good students were allowed to play in the tournament or even be our friends really. Funny isn’t it??? Our school guards meant to shut all the doors after the school. We had nowhere else to play table tennis except the classroom or the school hall. So we came up with an idea to trick the guard. There were hundreds of doors to check. We kept eye on him how he really does lock everything down. Mind you there were no alarm systems in the school. I don’t know if there is still any or not. Anyway, we kept eye on him & decided to make a couple of random doors to make it look like it’s closed so that we could open when there was nobody around. And that’s how we used to run our tournaments. Zakir and I even used to hate the same people. I’d still do anything for him & I’m sure he will do the same. He is married now!!! What the hell!!! I still clearly remember lots of great memories with him. I wish I could reverse the clock & have those great moments with Zakir and all the great friends again. Just for those memories I’d love to start my life all over again. Zakir, truly is the FIRST great friend. We should all cherish true friendships.

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