Thursday, January 7, 2010

Michael Schumacher, The Champion of The Champions

It has been very long since I have written in my own blog. This was supposed to be more like an online journal to write about many different experiences I have had for the first time. Now I will write about something completely off the topic. It is about Formula 1. It is more about Michael Schumacher than F1 really.

There are not many people around the world who haven’t heard of the name Michael Schumacher. Why? Because Schumacher is the most successful name of a very high tech competitive sport called Formula One. F1 is known as an entertainment business & it is indeed the biggest entertainment business on planet. The revenue earned from this sport is more than any other sport. The technology used in F1 is quite extraordinary in its own way. Anyway, Michael Schumacher won record 7 world championship, 91 grand prix races in his career up to date. The stats are so much higher than any else in the history of the sport that we might not see his record broken in a lifetime. He is the first sporting superstar I grew up admiring.
There are numerous controversies Schumacher has been involved with throughout his career. People still talk about his move on track against Damon Hill in 2004 Adelaide, Australian grand prix along with 1997 incident with Jack Villeneuve and Monaco incident in 2006. Regardless of what really happened in all of those circumstances Schumacher has brought a unique character into the sport apart from being the fastest driver in just about every circuit he ever raced in. I guess I am really wasting my time talking about his stats because we all know about those and very easy to find them on the net. But in my mind what makes him the best of the best is his incredible leadership skill, ability to deal with the critical political situation of F1, taking superb split second decision and really giving it all in each and every race. He is a great family oriented person as well. He always finds time for his family and children even with such high demand of busy lifestyle in F1. Most people think that Tiger Woods is the first sporting billionaire in the world. It is actually Michael Schumacher. However, he is a very charitable person as well. He is an ambassador for United Nation to promote road safety. He also gave $10US mill to the victims of Tsunami from his own pocket. There are a lot of people in the world with big pocket like him. But there aren’t many with a big heart like him. He also saved a soccer club in his home town in Germany from bankruptcy. Sometimes I wish he could chuck couple of mills to change my life because I am such a big Fan (LOL, just joking. I’m happy with earning $20AU per hour). So, Michael Schumacher is a champion in more than one ways in my mind. He retired after becoming 2nd at the end of 2006 season. It was strange because he was still at the pick of his driving ability.

Now in 2010 he returns with Mercedes GP with his old friend and technical director Ross Brawn. As he worked with Ferrari since 1996 and took the Italian team to immortality in terms of success it is unusual for me to even think about Michael Schumacher wearing anything rather than Ferrari colour. But it has happened!!! Over the last 2/3 years F1 has been through its worst time in recent memories. The return of a great champion like him at the age of 41 is really great news for the sport. It really doesn’t matter to me if he wins the championship or not this season. I’ve got my passion back for the sport because of his return. I already cannot wait for the first testing to go under way in early Feb. In conclusion, this post is just a simple post to say “welcome back Schumi”.

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